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Buyers Guide: Multigyms

Some things are naturally good for your bones. Calcium in milk for instance. And weight training.

Even if the main purpose of your bench or multi-gym is to improve fitness, build muscle or look toned on the beach, you will be doing your bones a power fo good for a healthier future. The equipment you see here will help you attain your maximum strength while building your speed and endurance. Better muscle definition doesn't simply look good, it protects you from injury, strains and sprains. It improves flexibility, posture and alignment, helps reduce the threat of osteoporosis and improves balance, coordination and stability.

A multi-gym workout is perfect perfect for exercising the major muscle groups because you can perform multiple exercises on a single machine. What's more you can specifically focus on a particular body area: chest, upper back, mid back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, thighs, calves and hips. To really get the most out of your machine we advise you to consult a qualified instructor to design a programme for you.

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