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About Home Fitness Direct

It’s a simple principal. The fitter and healthier you are, the more you live and love life and the more you and those around you get out of it.

Fitness is truly liberating and at Home Fitness Direct we want to set you free with the power of exercise that works out perfectly with your lifestyle.

The reality is many people don’t really want to exercise, don’t have the time, the confidence or the knowledge to do it effectively.

The mission of Home Fitness Direct is to bring simple, time efficient exercise in to people’s lives so they can make the most of every opportunity. We’ll give everyone the equipment, the inspiration, and the knowledge they need to sustain a long term, easily achievable life changing fitness program.

Drawing on over twenty years commercial experience as a leading supplier and distributor, we are now pleased to offer some of the best equipment on the market for use in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

As an independent supplier we have the benefit of seeing and testing all the products available on the market for home fitness. From this huge selection we have chosen only those of substantial quality in each price range and brought them together in one website.

Before buying home fitness equipment it's important to consider who will use it and take an all round look at their fitness, their needs and their goals. Product knowledge is only the start, the important thing is to find out what equipment will offer most health and fitness benefits to you.

We are delighted to offer help and advice should you need it, and we will ensure that we go to any lengths to get you the correct information, whether before or during the life of your fitness equipment.

Unlike some of our competitors we have the pedigree and backing to really make a difference to your fitness and lifestyle:

Home Fitness Direct is part of Physique Sports Limited:

  • Established for over 25 years

  • 85,000 sq feet of warehousing

  • Over £1 million of stock held

  • National delivery fleet

  • Trained professional engineers

  • Fully stocked parts depot

  • ISO 9002 accredited